The objectives of the Huron Street project are to:

  • Seek transformational change for the corridor
  • Celebrate the unique role of Huron in the community
  • Provide a sense of protection and comfort for pedestrians
  • Increase safety at street crossings
  • Develop an adaptable design for future street use patterns
  • Add more green and be sustainable

Some of the ideas for this project include investing in trees and lighting, enhancing crosswalks, accommodating non-rush hour parking, installing a full signal at Chapin/Third, and other traffic improvements.


The goal of this project is to create a street that attracts more people and makes the street safer and more comfortable for all users. We want everyone to feel comfortable walking along and crossing Huron. In addition we want to connect the Main Street and Kerrytown neighborhoods and foster businesses along the corridor that engage the street.


The project is being done in coordination with the William Street Bikeway and the First and Ashley Project.

We will complete the project in 3 phases:

  • Feasibility & Design Phases: Spring 2018
  • Engineering Phase: Fall 2019
  • Construction Phase: Spring 2019


The Ann Arbor DDA is funding this project and will work closely with the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), downtown businesses, residents, visitors, and other stakeholders.

Questions about this project should be directed to Amber Miller, amiller@a2dda.org  or 734-994-6697.


Huron Street from Division to Third.


What is the history of this project?

As a gateway to our community Huron serves an important role in downtown Ann Arbor. The street is full of residential, commercial, and civic frontage and bridges the Kerrytown and Main Street neighborhoods. Although it is a vehicle emphasis corridor it should also be comfortable and safe for pedestrians.

What’s included in this project?

This project includes landscaping, enhanced crosswalks, expanded pedestrian spaces, pedestrian scale lighting, traffic improvements and possibly non-rush hour on street parking.

What are the desired outcomes of this project?

This project seeks to transform the pedestrian experience on Huron. The traffic and landscape improvements will provide a sense of protection, safety and comfort to pedestrians. Signal changes, large trees, cross street bump outs, enhanced crosswalks, improved lighting and the installation of a full signal at the intersection of Huron and Chapin/Third will allow people of all abilities to comfortably cross Huron.


What impact will the Huron Street Improvement project have on the safety of the streets?

Safety measures include:

On-street, non-rush hour parking – buffer pedestrians from traffic and reduces vehicle crashes by 29%

No turn on red – reduces crosswalk encroachment and reduces all crashes by 3%

Permitted/protected left signal at Fifth Ave. – reduces crashes by 14%

Optimize signal timings for pedestrians (longer crossing times, leading pedestrian interval) – reduces vehicle/pedestrian crashes by 59%

Full traffic signal at Chapin/Third

I drive on Huron, how is this project going to impact my ability to drive through downtown?

The proposed traffic improvements will optimize safety and efficiency at turn signals and crosswalks. Travel time decreases slightly along the corridor during AM/PM rush hour. If non-rush hour parking is approved, there will be a slight increase, approximately 15 seconds per block during non-rush hour travel.


How is parking going to be impacted?

If approved, the non-rush hour on street parking will add about 50 parking spaces to the downtown parking system.

Project Updates

Final Huron Street Design Concept 

On August 9, 2018 Ann Arbor City Council supports Huron Street Transportation Improvements

Huron Street Traffic Analysis Summary

Interested in learning more about the public engagement process? A comprehensive summary can be downloaded here.

Design Concepts June 1, 2018

Summary of March 19 – 22, 2018 Public Engagement Meetings

Capital Improvements Committee presentation 04.18.18

On March 7, 2018, the DDA Board passed a Resolution of Support for the key transportation elements of this project.

On March 21, 2018 the City of Ann Arbor Transportation Commission unanimously approved a recommendation to support this project.

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